Groups & Music

we take only in very limited numbers and after prior consultation. We are not a party place and attach great importance to quiet, not only at night.

We request that you refrain from listening to any music!



We’ve only got Wi-Fi in the front section of the area (entry to approx. Site S32), this however is fibre-optic quality. Which means for you: in Tent Camping Area 1, you can “watch Netflix”, but Wi-Fi is not possible in Tent Camping Area 2. Tickets are available at the convenience store (2-/24 hours/for 2 devices).


If you don’t come by public transit, bike or on foot, you can park your vehicle in the immediate vicinity of the tent camping areas. Unfortunately, it is not possible to park right at the tent campsite itself.

Electricity at the tent?

We have fewer electrical hook-ups (power boxes) than campsites. Availability is limited as a result. For an electrical hook-up, you also need a CEE plug and an (outdoor) cable reel.


You are welcome to barbecue on a grill using charcoal/briquettes. But no open fires and please do not collect or burn twigs (landscape conservation area).

Charging mobile phones, etc.

You can borrow 20,000 mAh power banks from the convenience store for charging mobile devices, or give us your power bank to charge for a fee.

Flying pavilions

We don’t want to forbid pavilions out of hand, but for your part you must ensure that such do not “fly off” in case of storm and/or wind. If a severe weather warning is imminent, please take them down.

Dogs, cats, bunnies, etc.

In our tent camping areas, there are generally no dogs (or other pets) permitted for reasons of hygiene.


For longer stays in particular, or in case of easily damaged tent floors, we recommend that you place a tarpaulin under your tent. It is not permitted to dig gulleys or fence off campsites.


Please make sure that no one is at risk as a result of guy ropes or tent pegs/spikes.



(Exclusively!) for cooling elements, there is a small freezer in the laundry and washing-up room.


There are lockers available in the sanitation building.

Chair or tent broken?

Please take all “camping materials” away with you when you leave. Our collection station is not for bulky items of rubbish. At Walchensee, we have no way of disposing of bulky items and would consequently have to bill you for such.

What we do not have!

Community kitchen, refrigerator or fireplace. Also, unfortunately, we do not have a lounge. For warming up during the opening hours we have a small anteroom with a stove at the reception.

Tent size and parcelling

Only through the parcelling are reservations to handle. Unfortunately, however, this also sets limits on tent sizes. For very large tents, however, there is the possibility to use two places next to each other.

Live and let live. Being considerate of your neighbours (regarding music, etc.) is a matter of course.