Period Pitches Campsites
May 28.04. – 17.05. few seats 2nd row free free
17.05. – 21.05.
completely occupied*(holiday) 2nd row free
21.05 – 27.05.
few seats 2nd row free free
June, July & August 27.05. – 26.08. completely occupied* few seats 2nd row free
No more power slots: Pentecost and 9.7. until 19.8.
September 26.08. – 03.10 few seats 2nd row free free

* Of course there are cancellations and sometimes there are minor booking gaps, but you have to be lucky. Even better: if you are flexible in the period or even ready to change the pitch during the stay. Please note this in one of our free fields in the booking form.

Pitches: 7 days

Except 28.04 – 27.05. and 20.08.- 03.10: 5 days

Campsites: 5 days

Except 28.04 – 27.05. and 20.08.- 03.10: 4 days

Gap places (shorter stays)
we assign only from mid-April, so shortly before the start of the season.

We will look for the most suitable place for you in each case. And of course we are looking first in the 1st row🙂 With pleasure we also try to consider your wishes (free field in the form).

If someone in the 1st row cancels, we always look first to see who can move up before we reassign the spot.

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1st request:

Send us your non-binding reservation request (please use our form).

2nd offer:

You will receive a reservation offer from us, which you can accept within the specified period.

3. posting:

Upon acceptance, you will receive a booking confirmation from us.

A deposit is not required.
In case of cancellation you will receive an invoice from us together with the cancellation confirmation.

In case of cancellation, no-show or early departure the following costs per pitch/tent are due:

(1) For reservations for a stay of 5 days and longer:
until 14 days before arrival 35,- € // from 14 days or in case of no-show 100,- €

(2) For reservations for a stay of 3 to 4 days:
until 14 days before arrival 35,- € // from 14 days or in case of no-show: 50,- €.

(3) For reservations less than 3 days:
until the day of arrival or in case of no-show: € 35,-.

Cancellation must always be made in writing. Please also note our terms and conditions.

(4) In case of late arrival or early departure, the invoice amount for the complete booked period is to be paid.

Hikers and cyclists passing through we also reserve for 1 night.

Breakdown? Route different after all? Rain? No problem! If you notify us by 5pm on the day of arrival (preferably by email) the cancellation is free of charge.

Requests for 2024 will be available beginning September 18, 2023.

Please understand that until then we will give way to guests who have been there before or are there now and want to book for next year.