Arrival and departure

  • The day of arrival and day of departure are binding for both parties.
  • You can move into your site from 3:00 p.m. Your arrival must be by 6:00 p.m. In case of later arrivals, please be sure to arrange such in advance – preferably in writing/via email.
  • As a rule, it is not possible to arrive after 7:00 p.m.
  • On the day of departure, the caravan/motorhome campsite must be vacated by no later than 11:00 a.m.


Conclusion of contract in the case of online booking with the use of the booking request under

  1. By sending the completed booking request on our website, you are making us a non-binding booking request.
  2. We will then send you a reservation offer via email.
  3. You can accept the offer only within the specified period (acceptance deadline, expiration date). After expiration of the deadline, acceptance is no longer possible and the offer will be no longer be valid.
  4. You can accept our reservation offer by consenting to the offer in writing. Your consent results in a legally binding contract.

Further, it is possible to conclude a contract in other written forms (§ 126 of the German Civil Code – BGB). If false information is provided, the reservation will be invalid.

Site preferences / changes / revocation

  • We make every effort to accommodate special site preferences.
  • We generally reserve the right to change the booking to a different caravan/motorhome campsite inasmuch as such is necessary for operational reasons.

Main traveler / visitor

  • The caravan/motorhome campsite is only allowed to be used by the registered persons and specified co-travellers.
  • All other persons (visitors) are to be registered separately at the reception; visitor charges are to be settled before the visit commences.

Cancellation, non-show, delayed arrival

If your arrival should be delayed to a major extent, please notify us in writing via email. The camping guest can withdraw from the contract at any time prior to arrival and during their stay. The cancellation must be made in writing.

If the camping guest withdraws from the contract, we shall be entitled to the following fixed amounts of compensation in consideration of conventionally saved expenditures.

(1) Reservations for a stay of 5 days and longer:

  • Up to 14 days prior to arrival: € 35.00
  • From 14 days or in case of non-arrival: € 100.00

(2) Reservations for a stay of 3 to 5 days:

  • Up to 14 days prior to arrival: € 35.00
  • From 14 days or in case of non-arrival: € 50.00

(3) Reservations for a stay of less than 3 days:

  • Up to the day of arrival or in case of non-arrival: € 35.00

In case of delayed arrival or earlier-than-planned departure, the invoice amount for the entire duration booked is to be paid.

Persons under 18 years / groups

  • Groups and youth are only accepted if special arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Persons under the age of 18 shall only be entitled to stay if they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them or with written consent from a parent or legal guardian with the stipulation of availability by phone.

Termination, withdrawal on the part of Camping Walchensee, owner: Jürgen Garkisch

In case of violation of the campground rules, we are authorised to terminate the contract without notice for cause. Moreover, we are authorised to termination without notice if the camping guest uses the caravan/motorhome campsite or tent campsite in a manner which is in violation of the contract, or conducts themselves in any other way which constitutes a gross violation of the contract.

We are entitled to withdraw from the contract as a result of official decrees/ordinances, e.g. in case of/following acts of God (earthquakes, storm surges, strong winds, etc.) or in case of illnesses, epidemics, pandemics, etc..



We assume no liability for:

  • The loss of items or cash
  • Impairments, damages or injuries of any kind resulting from participation in leisure and sports activities and/or as a consequence of using the play equipment or sports equipment offered.

Safety certificate for liquid gas systems

You must have the legally applicable safety certificate in the case of caravans/motorhomes/vehicles with liquid gas systems.


The current Data Privacy Statement of Camping Walchensee is publicly posted on site for all and is available for viewing on our website.

This statement contains all the information regarding how we treat your data.