Amazon Voucher Rules

1. Redemption: Gift Cards can only be redeemed for the purchase of eligible products from and other third parties who may accept Gift Cards. Purchases will be deducted from the user`s gift card balance. The unused gift card balance remains tied to the user`s Amazon Pay credit account and is applied to purchases in the order of its earliest expiration date. If a purchase exceeds the balance of the exchange gift card, the balance must be paid by credit card, net bank or debit card. There are no fees or charges for gift cards. Qwikcilver may provide gift card buyers with information about the exchange status of the gift cards they purchase or use. Some merchants may only offer services to you if you allow us to hold funds in your Amazon Pay: Gift Card balance until the merchant completes the service. However, your prior consent would be obtained before these funds are held. In such cases, you agree and authorize us to: (i) retain your balance until the end of the Service; and (ii) the transaction fails if your balance on the Amazon Pay Gift Card has expired at the end of the Services.

When you receive a product voucher, you can use the product voucher balance to purchase items from a predetermined product group. Redeem a product voucher here. 8. Check your Gift Card Transaction Statement: your balance cannot be used to purchase other gift cards, open-loop prepaid cards, or certain third-party gift cards. Gift cards cannot be reloaded. resold; be used for payments outside of or its associated properties; use for advertising, marketing, sweepstakes, promotional or unauthorized commercial purposes, including facilitating the resale or shipment of goods from; exchanged for more than the face value; transferred to value creation; exchanged for cash; be returned for a cash refund (except to the extent required by law); or used in a manner otherwise prohibited by our Gift Card Restrictions and Prohibited Activities Policy. No part of your balance can be transferred to another account. Neither your balance nor your gift cards can be used to purchase goods or services from an Amazon subsidiary outside the United States. Please read our Gift Card Terms and Conditions for a complete list of rules and restrictions.

2. Restrictions: Gift cards, including unused gift card balances, expire one year after the date of issue. You can request the revalidation of expired gift cards. Upon receipt of such a request, the Gift Card may be revalidated after proper verification and subject to the applicable terms and conditions. Gift cards can only be purchased in denominations of up to 10,000 rupees or other limits that Qwikcilver may set. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. Gift cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value or exchanged for cash. Except as provided in this Agreement or under applicable law, the amount of your Gift Cards will not be refunded to you under any circumstances. At no time will a refund be made in cash. Unused gift card balances cannot be transferred to another user`s account.

Qwikcilver does not pay interest on gift cards or gift card sales. Qwikcilver makes no representation or warranty that will always be accessible without interruption. 3. Fraud: Qwikcilver is not responsible if a gift card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without authorization. Amazon Seller Services Private Limited (as well as Amazon Pay is referred to as „Amazon“) has the right to close customer accounts and accept payments from other payment methods if a fraudulently purchased gift card is redeemed and/or used for purchases on Gift Cards may only be redeemed for the purchase of eligible goods and services provided by LLC Services and its affiliates (including exchange services provided by Amazon Payments, Inc.) on or some of its affiliated properties such as Eligible goods and services are subject to change at our sole discretion. The redemption of Gift Cards at an Affiliate may be changed at its sole discretion. ACI Gift Cards LLC or its affiliates („we“, „us“ and „our“) may provide gift card buyers with information about the redemption status of the gift cards they purchase. Amazon Payments, Inc.

may process the redemption of the portion of your credit used to purchase goods and services sold by third parties on or any affiliated property where your balance can be used. By using a Gift Card, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions and not to use a Gift Card in a manner that is misleading, misleading, unfair or otherwise harmful to, its affiliates or customers. We reserve the right to cancel Gift Cards (including as part of your balance) without refund, suspend or terminate customer accounts, suspend or terminate the ability to use our Services, cancel or restrict orders, and charge for other forms of payment if we suspect a Gift Card will be received. or on an account (or your balance will be applied to a purchase) fraudulently, illegally or otherwise in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

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