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The coolest thing is that virtually every museum in São Paulo has one day a week which is free. This way you can also visit the best museums in São Paulo mentioned above for free. Next to the blog Museum of Socialist Art, there is a place in the world. And finally, check out the paid museums on the London chat blog. When I think of a museum in São Paulo, MASP comes to mind. In addition to one of the most important collections in Latin America, the MASP building is one of the most important postcards in the city. Did you know that there are several museums in SP with free admission? Meet some of them below. I love São Paulo and loved your list of the top 10 museums in the city! I know quite a few, but I really need to take the time to be really tourists in this capital! They are all on my list! Tips with annotations! With the centenary of independence in 1922, the museum received new wings and collections and was renovated outside. During the tour you can see that there are more than 450,000 art objects, works, sculptures and everything related to history since the 17th century.

With so many interesting SP museums to know, many of them with free admission, it`s even hard to choose which ones to visit. Especially if you are in the city for the first time or if you do not have many days to enjoy the cultural program, one of the treasures of the capital of São Paulo. If you wish, go directly to the desired museum in São Paulo and use the following menu: In addition to major exhibitions, the MIS also hosts photo, film and dance performances and offers courses related to these areas. Each season, the museum renews itself by adapting its structure to accommodate immersive sets for exhibitions that deviate from the traditional standard of art. It is another museum that is part of the architectural ensemble designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the park of Ibirapuera, but this time the museum is located next to the park. Opened in 1963, the museum has the largest collection of contemporary art in Latin America. Soon after, it became a monument and after being placed under the protection of the monument, it became a museum. During the 91 years of existence of the hostel, they have come to welcome more than 2.5 million people of 70 nationalities. The museum focuses on preserving the memory of the people who came to Brazil through the Immigrant Inn and the relationship with the diverse communities that represent the city and state.

There, their travel conditions, their adaptation to new works and their contribution to the identity of São Paulo are examined. While the second floor houses the museum`s permanent collection, the first floor of the building is reserved for temporary exhibitions that take place regularly. I loved the suggestions of museums to visit in São Paulo. I already want you to be part of my itinerary when you travel to this amazing destination! As mentioned earlier, given the number of museums that exist in São Paulo, it would be impossible to meet them all on a trip into tourism. In this way, we can determine which ones we find most interesting to include in your script than in São Paulo. And I`ll say more: I`ll still give you suggestions for visiting a museum in SP for every day of the week, as most of them offer free tickets at least one day of the week. Outdoor events take place in front of the centipede-shaped building that houses the museum, which tells part of the history of the ancient peoples of the continent. In the Pavilion of Creativity, more than 4,000 works of folk art from Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay mix typical costumes, masks, musical instruments, jewelry and everyday use, toys, religious accessories, sculptures, etc. Not to mention the underground makeup with the card, which particularly delights children. Best of all, it`s one of the best examples of free museums in SP.

There are about 110 museums in São Paulo, with collections ranging from classical works to themed, modern and technology-related spaces. We know that each museum has its importance in São Paulo and even the national culture, they represent social development in different aspects over the years. The museum tells the story of Japanese immigration to Brazil, which took place more than 100 years ago. 97,000 items are on display, including films, videos, magazines and books, as well as clothing and household items used at the time. Catavento Cultural is much more than a museum, it is a space that promotes an interactive experience for children and the whole family. The goal is to present science in a stimulating way, to get very close to the objects and to touch them unlike other museums. São Paulo is one of the most cultural cities in Latin America. With 110 museums, the city is a paradise to visit some of the most important artistic or historical collections of our continent. MASP, Pinacoteca, Ipiranga Museum and Museum of the Portuguese Language are some of the highlights of the city.

Check out the full list of the best museums in São Paulo. And more than 1,600 videotapes, in the genres of fiction, experimental documentaries and music. After all, it doesn`t make sense that the MIS is the most visited museum in the capital, right? The only tattoo museum in Brazil is aimed at lovers of equipment in skin spines, tattoos. The museum is super interactive. Nothing beats learning through fun! This house-museum has a rich collection of works of art, an important and varied library, a collection of hemeroteca and photos. As well as furniture and decorative objects. For those who love Japanese culture, this museum should be included in its list of museums in São Paulo that are worth a visit. As the museum is located in the Liberty District, you can already enjoy and get to know the easternmost neighborhood of São Paulo. The Immigration Museum is a very interesting museum in São Paulo. It is located in the building of the former Brás hostel, one of the largest reception centers for foreigners in Brazil, where more than two million people of more than 70 nationalities died between 1887 and 1978. Masp has over 10,000 works of art in its collection, such as handmade pieces, historical clothing, and clothing.

In addition to Brazil, the works come from other African, Asian and European countries. The museum also offers temporary exhibitions, which means there will always be something new to see in Masp. Among the many cultural and entertainment opportunities in São Paulo, the Catavento Museum has become a favorite of children and teenagers. Located in the beautiful and historic Industrial Palace, the museum has 12,000 square meters and 250 facilities that delight and entertain visitors of all ages. The idea is to dedicate the museum as a center of reflection and historical documentation. The space aims to be a cultural center that hosts artistic events in the most diverse languages – cinema, photography, music, dance and theater.

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