Most Strict Law in the World

The Iranian government is based on Sharia law. Propaganda and actions against the government are prohibited. Mild negative statements about Iran`s bad governance are enough to get into trouble. Connections to social media like Google, Youtube, and Facebook also get you in trouble. Men cannot have any other hairstyle unless prescribed by Islam. Women should follow a certain dress code, such as using a head covering called a hijab and avoiding pants like skinny jeans when walking around. Western music like rap, jazz and rock is not allowed. Alcoholic beverages for women and men are strictly prohibited. Germany is famous worldwide for the Autobahn, a pristine highway that imposes no speed limits on its drivers. But that doesn`t mean there aren`t rules.

It is illegal to stop on the highway for any reason, even if the gas is exhausted. It is true that NK is stricter than tenth place. Around the world, laws range from the strange and wonderful to downright strange. In this blog, I`ll count some of the strangest laws in the world. Singapore is only strict if you play by their rules, you don`t joke with them, they will leave you while North Korea is strict when it comes to public behavior or when it comes to something that mocks them (correct me if I`m wrong) The movements of the North Koreans are limited. Strolling through parks is not allowed and all their activities and movements must have a valid reason. Sexual intercourse outside marriage is strictly prohibited. The „dating police“ is the one assigned in this issue.

North Korea is also strict in its fashion code. Women are forbidden to wear trousers and men are forbidden to have their hair cut every fortnight. Anyone who violates this rule will be punished by forced labor. Being the most futuristic Asian country does not mean that Japan is the most advanced. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications are considered illegal, so be sure to research if you can bring your medication to Japan. The conservative Muslim-majority country of Malaysia has strict laws regarding public disclosure. So strict that several local governments have banned bikinis altogether. In 2016, a group of Australian tourists were arrested and detained and eventually pleaded guilty to indecency for participating in a swimsuit race with the Malaysian flag.

Each country has its own rules and customs that tourists must follow, but these countries are the strictest. Patrick, the United States is not that strict, and some black people are just not smart, of course the Black lives matter movement says bad things about racism. But it was only a few police officers, it also happens to whites, it`s not that often considering that 72% of Americans are white. There are not enough black policemen, even the number of deaths between blacks and whites. I admit that there is some racism in this country, but there is racism in other countries as well, so try to give a less biased answer next time. „Black Lives Matter“ also appears too strongly. People will accept less, if black people (I don`t know if your black man) called him „All Lives Matter“ first, he would be accepted by many more white people, I`m white, so I would know that. While Saudi Arabia has recently lifted its curtains and joined forces with the rest of the world, the country is still deeply rooted in laws stemming from religion and tradition.

Social laws, which apply mainly to women, are strict. For example, women are not allowed to drive or be with a man who is not a parent, or to go out in public in casual clothing. Internet access is restricted and the media is closely monitored. Editors can be fired and arrested if they are allowed to publish or broadcast content that says something negative about the government. While a public expression of affection is quite normal in the Western world, the UAE does not appreciate it. Kissing, hugging, and even holding hands is considered a serious offense, and it should wait until you`re out of the public eye. The administration controls everything from radio to print and television. Programmes and news content are censored. The only one who has access to the internet is the ruling elite and their online activities are also closely monitored.

Many believe that the feudal system that prevailed in Japan long ago has had a significant impact on the way the modern Japanese government conducts its affairs. The hierarchy of authority prevails in almost all structures, in the household, at school, in the office and in the workplace. Everyone respects the one who is higher than him. Japanese companies also adhere to strict labor guidelines, and all employees, from the CEO to low-level employees, are expected to perform and excel in their appointments. It is forbidden to talk about the Second World War and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The only way to visit North Korea, one of the most closed countries in the world, is to take a tour. Tourists are told what is expected of them and what is clearly prohibited. If you`re not ready to bow to the photos of the great leader (which, by the way, are everywhere), stay outside. Their information is false Women are not allowed to drive so far after Ramadan, they give a driver`s license for women and restricted internet browsers in Saudi Arabia and tourists must also go hijab and womes and not with foreigners.

Give it to Saudi Arabia According to BGBLA 2004 I 118 § 16 Abs (5), Austrians cannot restrict the mobility of animals „to the point of pain“. It is expressly forbidden to chain a dog, even temporarily. Good day, I also hope I didn`t look rude, I gave the most honest answer possible. Everything is controlled by the administration, by television, radio and the written press. The content of news and programs is censored. Internet access is granted only to the ruling elite and even their online activities are strictly monitored. As far as North Koreans are concerned, their freedom of movement is very limited. They are not allowed to be in the parks and all their movements and activities must be supported by a valid reason. Sexual relations between unmarried couples are prohibited.

The government`s „dating police“ are responsible for ensuring that such relationships do not take place. North Korea also has a strict fashion code, for example, women are not allowed to wear pants and men must cut their hair every 15 days. Chewing gum is not banned in Singapore, I live in Singapore and many of us buy chewing gum from Malaysia and bring it back to Singapore. Illegal is only the sale of chewing gum, which is strictly prohibited here. The authorities will not arrest you for possession of chewing gum in Singapore unless you sell it. I have been to 5 continents in about 50 countries. I`ve been to Singapore several times, and it`s the country with the second most rules I`ve ever visited, but the United States is the first. The United States is actually one of the FREE-EST countries.

Just as others have responded, the United States is never so strict in its laws. The 10 countries listed in this article are MUCH stricter. If Australia is not strict, can I enter the country without a visa? Thailand`s strict lese majeste laws prohibit anyone from defaming, insulting or threatening the king. And the authorities take law enforcement seriously: there have been more than 100 prosecutions since the 2014 coup. Discipline and strict enforcement of the country`s policies and laws may be seen by many as harsh enforcement, but seen by others as a necessary tool. Some say that excessive austerity borders on oppression and this often leads to resentment among people. Proponents of strict enforcement, however, argue that lenient measures lead to uncooperative citizens who will never take authority seriously. Saudi Arabia is deeply rooted in laws related to tradition and religion, while gathering around the world and lowering its curtains. Their social laws for women are strict. When they go out, women are not allowed to wear casual clothes, and they should only be with a parent if it is a man. The media is closely monitored and access to the Internet is limited. Whenever editors broadcast or publish content that speaks negatively about their administration, they can be fired.

Oh, sure, the work culture is strict – but that`s because the labor laws are lax (you certainly wouldn`t get away with overworking your workers like that in most European countries), not because they`re super strict. There is no „respect your elders“ law, it is customary. It is not the same thing. Home to Cuban cigars and the late Fidel Castro, Cuba is primarily considered the world`s premier vacation destination. But behind its heavenly beaches and trendy Latin music, Cuba is still a communist country and those who speak out against the government are still struggling. The Internet is regularly audited and perpetrators who express anti-government sentiments risk imprisonment if arrested. Cubans know how to celebrate and they know their alcohol. But playing reggaeton is a big no-go. What the author wrote about Singapore is largely false. While it`s true that spitting in public or throwing it away will result in a fine as the country strives to be a clean and green nation, wearing the wrong clothes when you go out will get you in jail is complete. Smoking in public is also allowed in all cases.

No such law in Singapore. Take it from a Singaporean lawyer. Equatorial Guinea is very specific about what you can and cannot photograph. Buildings and areas where you`d better store your cameras include the presidential palace, airports, and all military-related items. Equatorial Guinea is not the only country to apply this strict rule.

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