Accountancy and Legal Solutions (Uk) Limited

Our clients are high net worth individuals, families and businesses at home and abroad, and we want to ensure that we meet the diverse legal needs of our clients. [Cabinet] may engage in tax-exempt regulated activities under Part XX of the Financial Services and Markets Act, 2000, provided that such activities arise out of or complement the Firm`s reserved legal activities or other legal activities. The firm is entitled to engage in the following reserved legal activities: Unfortunately, Accountancy Solutions (uk) Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. ⚠ To notify the Law Society of inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our contact page. Accountancy Solutions (UK) Limited is not a listed company or a subsidiary of a listed company or part thereof. While our lawyers and staff use technology and current case management systems and processes, they are aware that each client is an individual and must be professionally advised and engaged with empathy and understanding. Steven Warne (authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority). Date of Next Settlement January 6, 2023 expiry no later than January 20, 2023 Next accounts created no later than March 29, 2022 and no later than January 29, 2022 December 2022 is any obligation that may be imposed from time to time [of the Company] or any manager, employee or holder of an unauthorized interest in [the Company] by or in accordance with the SRA`s licensing rules or by or under the ICA, or any other waiver. Suite 9 Normanby Gateway Lysaghts Way Scunthorpe DN15 9YG Business number.

07192177 We can easily accommodate our national and international clientele with Zoom meetings and meetings in our offices, as appropriate. You may want to discover a law firm with an established and proven reputation at ReviewSolicitors The terms and conditions that apply to authorized entities, which are included in Rule 8 of the SRA Licensing Rules for Legal Services Companies and Entities That Can Be Licensed. Where does this information come from? Most of the information on this page comes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, some information may have been processed directly by the professional, the company or its representative. Learn more. Please let us know the purpose of your request and briefly explain the help you need. Enter your name and email address and click „Send Request“. A copy of your application will also be sent to the Law Society for monitoring purposes. âš Is it your data? If you need to change any information about yourself on Find a Solicitor or would like to provide further feedback on the Website, please call 020 7320 5757 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 at local rates) or visit our contact page.

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